Hi Barbie!

In honour of the Barbie movie, here are some of our pink favourites that are currently in stock:

Hydrangeas are lovely plants which brighten borders in mid to late summer with their stunning flowers. They are versatile shrubs that can grow in different soils and light conditions, and their colour can change depending on the soil pH.

Photinia ‘Pink Marble’
Photinia ‘Pink Marble’ has lovely variegated leaves with a pink border. It is a fast-growing dense evergreen shrub which requires full sun to partial shade, and is best pruned in late winter to early spring.

Cordyline ‘Pink Passion’
Cordyline Pink Passion is a new comer for adding interest to your garden and patio planter, offering a completely new colour variation to anything available before. Deep bronze-purple-red foliage with a wide, distinctive pink edging.

Verbena ‘Sissinghurst’
A well-known, old ‘verbena’ variety with toothed, dark green leaves and flat clusters of bright magenta-pink flowers from late spring into autumn. ‘Sissinghurst’ is a spreading semi-evergreen perennial perfect for spilling from patio pots, window boxes and large baskets.

Salix ‘Flamingo’
Salix ‘Flamingo’ is a deciduous plant that boasts cream-pink foliage in the spring and summer which drops in autumn to show coral-orange stems. This beautiful plant is delicate and slim, but hardy against the elements, and needs very little looking after.

Fuchsia ‘Dying Embers’
A small shrub of spreading habit sporting green leaves. Masses of scarlet and deep purple flowers are produced from early summer to first frost in autumn. Requires a moist but well drained soil in full sun or partial shade. A very pretty addition to the mixed border or in patio containers,

Magnolia ‘Susan’
Magnolia ‘Susan’ is an upright medium-sized deciduous shrub with deep reddish-purple buds opening in mid spring to fragrant, cupped flowers with usually 6 tepals, red-purple outside, pink within. A fantastic variety of Magnolia which has large deep purple flowers in spring and lush deep green leaves.

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