December’s Polly & Nate Club pick is… Viburnum tinus (an evergreen, bushy shrub).

Viburnum tinus is known for its eye-catching, fragrant flower clusters and colourful berries. The flowers open from pale pink buds from winter to mid-spring, flowering before spring bulbs and so are perfect for adding winter interest to your garden while berries appear at the start of autumn.

Bees, butterflies and many other pollinators are supported by the high nectar content of the flowers and the pollen produced. Viburnum tinus will be in flower when pollinators are first emerging, providing them with food and other resources early on.

Viburnum tinus is easy to grow, medium-sized and fast-growing, preferring a position in full sun or part sun/shade. It is perfect as a specimen plant or in a border, can be used to make striking hedges and screensand also used in foundation plantings.