1 – Order bare root plants
– Bare-root plants are cheaper than the pot grown equivalents
– Available as hedging, shrubs, fruit and trees
– Only available November-March

2 – Protect pots and containers
– Your potted plants may become waterlogged over the wet winter months – prevent this by raising your pots using ‘pot feet’ or using old bricks or wood to allow excess water to drain

3 – Store your barbecue in the shed
– Your barbecue will last years if stored in a dry place over winter
– Before moving it into shelter, heat it up one last time so any remaining mess can be removed easier (never do this indoors)
– Any gas bottles should be stored outdoors

4 – Plant winter bedding
– Winter bedding such as pansies and violas

5 – Put out bird food
– Encourage winter birds to visit your garden
– Help birds through winter

6 – Plant protection
– If you haven’t already, half-hardy plants should be under cover before the first frosts – via fleece, bubble wrap or into a greenhouse if you have one

7 – Plant shrubs, evergreens and conifers
– Continue to plant these at the beginning of the month while the soil is moist and still slightly warm
– Remember to water well if the weather is dry

By Nadia Hallwood